Art Nouveau walks in Szeged and Subotica

Szeged and Subotica, two major cities of the Pannonian Plain, are 50 kilometers apart, halfway between Budapest and Belgrade. Both cities have a similar historical fate, both during the Turkish occupation and later in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. At the turn of the century, the uniquely ornate architectural style, the Art Nouveau,gained ground in Szeged, which was renovated after the great flood of 1879 and in Subotica, which saw a booming industry due to the construction of railways. It was then that both cities received their current metropolitan image, enriched with eclectic palaces and public buildings.

Visitors of these cities, which are becoming more and more popular for tourism, are attracted by their built heritage. Besides, these cities show several similarities in some fields, like, for example, they offer a rich variety of gastronomic specialities, both areas are rich in natural waters, also, they invite visitors with a wide variety of events.

However, what they really have in common and what makes them exceptional is their spectacular and impressive Art Nouveau architecture.

With the help of a mobile application, they can take unforgettable walks between the art nouveau values ​​of the two cities.

The application can be downloaded from here:

Art Nouveau walks in Szeged and Subotica