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Treasures of Ancient China - The Age of the Jade Emperors

Exhibition The Treasures of Ancient China - The Age of Jade Emperors features original ancient Chinese artefacts illustrating everyday life, funerary customs, the rulers, and the nomadic peoples who lived on the borders of China.
The highlight of the exhibition is the death royal jade armor, which was assembled from 1460 jade plates with gold threads.

The objects presented at the exhibition came from Shanghai thanks to a Chinese museum collaboration and we can also see special objects from the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asian Art in Budapest.

In the space in front of the exhibition, there is a giant digital touch wall, the Magic Wall, where visitors can learn about the objects and curiosities of ancient China in an exciting way.

The exhibition can be visited until 31 December 2023. Információk: Telefonszám: 0662549040 E-mail: Honlap: 1