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Szeged 300 - Exhibitions about the history of Szeged, the city of a Thousand faces

In 2019, the city celebrates the 300th anniversary of regaining the free royal city title – our exhibitions were created as part of this series of events.

Klauzál Square – Interactive Experience Room / CAKE

The history of the city can be seen through a modern
animation film at the temporary, cake-shaped exhibition
site at the Klauzál Square. In the other part of the exhibition
room, visitors can try out interactive digital games from

Interactive Experience Room opening hours:
27 May-16 June:
Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00
Saturday-Sunday 10:00-20:00
17 June-31 August: 10:00-20:00

Somogyi Street – Fekete ház
The purpose of the exhibition is to show the places, events and people who determined the city's past centuries.

Vár Street – Kass Gallery: Tracing the disappearing Palánk
The atmosphere of the former Palánk district – before the building of the university institutions and the Votive Church – can be reconstructed by the artworks made by the students of the Rudnay art colony in the summer of 1926, as well as works by well-known photographers and artists in Szeged.

Fekete ház & Kass Gallery:
Open daily, 10:00-18:00



Group of adults (over 20 people) 990 Ft/person

Students/seniors/teachers 890 Ft/person
(valid documents needed)

Families (2 adults & 2 children under the age of 18) 3.790 Ft

each additional child 590 Ft/person

Group of students/seniors/teachers 590 Ft/person
(over 20 people, valid documents needed)

Free entry:
Children under the age of 6 | People with disabilities
Accompanied by 1 person

One ticket valid for visiting all exhibition sites.

The Interactive Experience Room welcomes visitors every 45 minutes, with a maximum of 25 guests at a time.
• Prior appointment request for groups is possible on site or at the following phone number:
+36 20 317 8120, during opening hours. Információk: Honlap: 1