Gergő woods

You can find here the wonderful flora and fauna of the Tisza and Maros floodplain: different trees of varying height and type, special flowers, mushrooms and other rich brushwood. Beside numerous water birds and forest birds sometimes also deers and foxes appear.

Not only in every season but also after floods and extreme weather conditions like squalls, drouths and long-lasting rainfalls the area experiences considerable changes and always comes up with new sights.

Besides being a popular picknick place visited by families and friends it is also a natural playground for children and their grandparents or a walk for young and old nature lovers.

You can often meet dog walkers, joggers, mountain bikers, hikers and sometimes horse riders.

For years the region has been a place for collecting plants and insects for biology and geography students of the University of Szeged.

In case of good weather the area is suitable for class trips, biology and physical education lessons in the nature.