Ice Skating in Szeged

When the temperature drops, that means it is time to go ice-skating. This year Szeged has three places where you can strap on the skates and enjoy this winter sport.

The synthetic ice rink in Szeged Plaza await children under 14. Present a same-day receipt of a minimum of 1000 HUF and skate for free.

Skating on the ice rink in the parking area of Auchan costs 300 HUF with Auchan card and 500 HUF without one. In case of a same-day Auchan receipt of a minimum of 10000 HUF, skating is for free. Its advantage in comparison with the City Ice Rink, is that there is no time limit.

The biggest and most popular ice rink in Szeged is at Szabadkai út.
Adult 950 HUF/2 hours, student 750 HUF/2 hours. Renting skates costs 600 HUF.

Choose any of the ice rinks in Szeged, ice skating is a great family program and a perfect way of relaxation.


Szeged Plaza
Kossuth Lajos sugárút 119.
6724 Szeged                                  

Zápor utca 4.
6728 Szeged                                              

City Ice Rink
Szabadkai út 18.
6729 Szeged