Large-scale international exhibition at the Móra Ferenc Museum

A special exhibition can be seen in the Móra Ferenc Museum. At the exhibition “Treasures of Ancient China – The Age of Jade Emperors”, original ancient Chinese objects are presented, which illustrate everyday life, funeral customs, rulers, and visitors can also get to know the nomadic peoples who lived on the border of China. The outstanding artefact of the exhibition is the jade armor of the dead monarch, which was assembled from 1,460 pieces of jade with gold threads.

At the exhibition “Treasures of Ancient China – The Age of the Jade Emperors”, visitors can “adventure” in ancient China. The exhibition presents original, ancient Chinese objects that came from Shanghai thanks to a Chinese museum collaboration, as well as special objects from the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asian Art.

Among the artefacts, we can also find special utility and decorative objects, amulets, and unique objects used at funerals. Perhaps the most impressive piece of the collection is a royal jade death armor: the armor made of jade plates strung together with gold threads offers a wonderful sight, which was assembled from a total of 1,460 jade plates with the help of gold threads.

Many fascinating objects have arrived in Szeged from the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asian Art. Among them we can find beautiful verets, belt, bridle and clothing ornaments, cauldrons from the Hun period, as well as a brick of the Great Wall of China.

At the exhibition entitled “Clay Soldiers – The Immortal Guards of the First Chinese Emperor”, nearly half a hundred clay soldiers are presented, true to size and material. In addition, visitors can learn about the era of the Chinese empire, the history of the clay soldier army, and the Móra Ferenc Museum also offers an activity section for children.

In the space in front of the exhibition, a giant digital touch wall, the Magic Wall, is waiting for those interested, on which visitors can get to know the objects and curiosities of ancient China in an exciting way.

The exhibition can be visited until December 31, 2023.


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