Hotel Auris****

Hotel Auris was opened in 2015. It is located in the heart of the city, only for few steps from the bank of river Tisza, Dóm square and near by health center.

Bohém Tanya

Bohém Tanya is a combination of a classical café and summer festival feeling with a busy club. Besides food and drink specialties, it serves homemade meals.

Reök Palace

The architect Ede Magyar was thirty in 1907, when he constructed Reök Palace, an exemplary piece of Hungarian secession.

Local transportation

Szeged has a developed and well-organised public transport infrastructure with two public transport providers.

Sport Swimming Pool

The Sport Swimming Pool is located on the Újszeged district of the town, it's easily accessable with a ten-minutes walk from the downtown. The 50 m pool is open-air in summer time and topped throughout the winter. It provides a training and competitive area for various sports clubs. Everey day of the week the pool is opened for evening swimming.

Hajósház Apartment

Hajós Apartments is a unique building situated in the center of Szeged, close to the river Tisza.

Beregi House

The Beregi House is one of the gems in the splendid row of palaces of the Szeged’s cityscape, which primarily is an extraordinary example of the brick architecture and Art Nouveau architectural school.

Pilóta Guesthouse

The guesthouse was built in a residential area. It is an ideal place for relaxation in the city of sunshine.

Dorozsma Rural House

The sights of Szeged include the Dorozsmai Country House and the Farmer's House. Szeged-Kiskundor...

Hotel Szent János****

Relax in this lovely hotel located in a quiet pedestrian area, just a few steps away from the zestful downtown locations.

Bistorant Bistro Restaurant Winebar

The restaurant was opened on 13th December 2011. The bistro, just like its dishes, represents a youthful, fresh and plain style.