The River Maros

The complete length of the riveris 725 km, out of which only 48 km pass through Hungary.

Local transportation

Szeged has a developed and well-organised public transport infrastructure with two public transport providers.

Târgu Mureș (Romania)

Agreement signed in 1997.

Móra Ferenc Museum

The most impressive product of the building fever of the millennium in Szeged is the Palace for Public Education built in neo-classicist style in 1896.

Kotor (Montenegro)

Agreement signed in 2001.

Hotel Novotel****

Hotel Novotel is located on one of the most beautiful sites of the town, the bank of the river Tisza.

Interactive Science Knowledgestore

How many legs does a centipede have? How many different kinds of falcons live in Hungary? What does antimony-glance look like?


A nicely created park and a curiosity in the history of industry, the country's first water tower made of reinforced concrete await visitors in Saint Steven Square.

The River Tisza

The river Tisza is the longest river in Hungary, it has its source in the Eastern Carpathians and it meets the Danube flowing through Serbia.