Anna Bath

The white-walled eclectic style building in Tisza Lajos Boulevard, reflecting Oriental effects, designed by Antal Steinhardt and Adolf Lang, was built in 1896. Originally it functioned as a city public bath. It took its name from the nearby artesian well drilled in 1927 and its water.

Travelling by bike

The bicycle is increasingly becoming a popular means of transport in Szeged. The city lies on completely flat terrain, with no significant gradients making cyclists' job difficult.

Blues Kert Pub and Restaurant

The restaurant with an outdoor barbecue area is situated in Újszeged, under the plane-trees of Fő fasor.

Magyar Ede tér

Ede Magyar (Ede Oszadszki) is the outstanding representative of Art Nouveau architecture in ...

Teke & Bowling Centrum and Sport Motel

Relax and regenerate at the motel of the bowling centre of Szeged.

Móricz House

The secessionist style, four-storey historic building stands on the southern side of Saint Steven Square.


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Röszke is located 15 kms southwest of Szeged, between the backwater of Tisza at Algyő and the Serbian border.