Sándor Koch Mineral Collection

The collection, devoted to the passionate mineralogical researcher and professor Sándor Koch, former head of the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology at the University of Szeged, consists of two main parts. 1156 specimens of 400 minerals can be found in 15 repositories of the taxonomic collection. The value of the collection is enhanced by the fact that 80 percent of the specimens exhibited here come from the Carpathian Basin. The exhibition presents a variety of rocks and minerals following a genetic system designed specifically for didactic purposes. The real “treasures” of the collection are the four showcases in the center of the exhibit room and the vast majority of the pieces from the former private collection of Alexander Koch. from a mineralogical point of view. The collection is open to professional mineral guided tour guided tours by prior appointment and is open weekly throughout the year.



Pre-registration is required minimum 3 days prior to the visit at the e-mail address kiril@freemail.hu or by phone on the number +36-30/333-0609
Guided tours are available for groups upon request.
Visits and guided tours are free.

Szeged, Egyetem street 2.