See you in Szeged again!

After the Great Flood in Szeged, Franz Josef said: “Szeged will be more beautiful than it used to be” – the quote can be read on one of the stained glass windows of the City Hall. In recent days and weeks, Szeged has started to regain its Mediterranean atmosphere. More and more people are beginning to visit the terraces of restaurants and confectioneries operating in our eye-catching downtown mansions. More and more people can be seen sitting and enjoying the sunshine on the benches of our flower-covered parks or strolling through our downtown streets. Due to the easing of restrictive measures, places are opening day by day where we can organize leisure activities together with our family or small group of friends. Naturally, you can also admire the buildings of the city centre; however, if you want to have some experience close to the nature, it is worth walking across the bridge and walking around Erzsébet-liget (Erzsébet Park), Gergő-liget (Gergő woods), or you can also walk along the path on the banks of The Mureș backwater. The embankment surrounding the city also invites you for a great hike, and you can even admire the city from the Tisza.

The city offers countless outdoor activities for children and adults alike. The refurbished running track and the outdoor gyms in Erzsébet-liget (Erzsébet Park) are great for outdoor sports, whether you are serious about exercising or doing it just as a hobby. Plenty of green areas make Szeged an ideal place for outdoor sports, the fresh air and winds from the River Tisza cleanse both the mind and body of sports enthusiasts. The proximity of the Tisza awakens everyone’s desire for water sports, which is also possible by renting a kayak or canoe, if you want to spend time doing something other than bathing and swimming in the river. We could call Szeged the city of playgrounds since there are almost 120 playgrounds in the city.

If you have already walked around the centre of Szeged and tried water sports as well, it’s time to hop on two wheels and cycle around the city. Fortunately, there are no big slopes in Szeged and you can find designated bike paths almost everywhere in the city. Do you find the noise of the city too much and want to cycle in the nature? Just follow the River Tisza in any direction. If you head towards the firth, once you reach the embankment, you will soon find nothing but the calm, wonderful nature, the river and the chirping of birds.

A cruise on the Tisza, watching the city from the river is an amazing experience. A scheduled cruise from Roosevelt Square will soon be able to receive visitors on board. If you want to try what it is like to be a captain, or if you would like to barbecue with family and friends in the middle of the river, you can use the services of Pontoon Boat all day long, from morning to sunset.

A big favourite for children and adults alike is the Urban Small Train, which many call only the CsuCsu Train. The 45-minute ride starts on Széchenyi Square, and at the end the train-driver even shows Újszeged. The wheels of the Small Train will roll again on May 29 from 1 p.m., with fewer passengers at the same time, but with greater joy.

Starting from May, you can get acquainted with the magnificent Art Nouveau, eclectic and emblematic buildings of Szeged, such as the Cathedral, the Synagogue or the Reök Mansion as well as the interesting stories and personalities associated with them, through the city tours we organize. You can read more about the city tours here.

You can also visit the iconic building of Szeged, the Cathedral and its Visitor Centre, as well as the new Moresque Art Nouveau Synagogue, which is the fourth largest synagogue in the world.

If you want to get to know one of the oldest parts of the city and its unique architecture, you can walk to Alsóváros (Lower Town) in half an hour and admire the special houses that have sun-ornamented pediments. The Sun-ornamented Country House in Alsóváros has also opened its rooms to visitors.

At the beginning of May, Szeged Zoo was the first to open its doors to families. The zoo, which covers several hectares, can provide relaxation for the family in good air for an entire day. It is now one of the most beautiful times of the year, when nature blossoms and most shades of green unfold before us. There is no better place to marvel at the treasures of nature than the Botanic garden of the University, which was also among the first places to reopen to visitors.

Those who would prefer to take organized hikes in the nature should visit the website of the Kiskunság National Park, where you can get information about the hiking opportunities around Szeged.

For those who like to use their brain while relaxing, there are several types of city games to enjoy. You can be detectives solving the mysteries of the city through the House of Mysteries programmes, or you can study the secret side of the city with the adventures of Urbango. Well-designed logic games share the city’s curiosities, stories and general information in an entertaining way, with all activities outdoors. The location and the secrets are given, it is up to you whether you can solve the secrets of Szeged.

Those who enjoy visiting baths won’t be disappointed in Szeged this summer either. If you want to cool off and take a bath in the coming summer heat, you can soon do so on one of the outdoor swimming pools in Szeged. The outdoor pools of Napapényfürdő Aquapolis will be open from 23 May, the Sportuszoda (Sports Pool) as well as the Sziksósfürdő Lido and Campsite will also open to the public over the Pentecost weekend; the Anna Bath and Partfürdő Riverside Beach are expected to follow soon; however, in the case of the latter, the pools will not open this year, the area will only be available for sunbathing, playing sports and relaxing.

With the constant easing of restrictions, the range of outdoor programme options will also expand. You should regularly check our Facebook page, where we are constantly informing our followers about current changes.