Spring in Szeged

Head outdoors during spring in Szeged to make the best out of the mild weather and explore the top springtime events in the city of sunshine.  The long weekend in May offers a great opportunity for relaxation in Szeged. For accommodation please check out the spring packages.


The Zoo situated 2.5 km from the center of Szeged offers an all-day program for visitors and it is a great family activity for both children and adults. It has a forest area of 44 hectares and it has been awaiting visitors since 1989. One of the prominent tasks undertaken by the zoo is to keep the rare and endangered species under natural conditions. Accordingly, we can find there such curiosities as the South American marmosets, snow leopards or giant anteaters. The zoo is open on almost every day of the year and it offers educational sessions, feeds, as well as occasional night tours. Last but not least, meet the star of the zoo, Amali, the white lion cub.


Visiting the Botanic Garden is a great activity for nature lovers. One of its curiosities is the Indian lotus, which arrived in the collection more than 80 years ago. In the lake fed by artesian water it found the living conditions appropriate for proliferation and now it represents the largest open-air stand of Central Europe.

From a bend of the river Maros, a more than 4 km long backwater with a width of 10-15 m was generated. It is like a green corridor in the heart of Újszeged, surrounded by massive pines, reeds, flowers, silence and peacefulness. It is a real green oasis, a perfect place for relaxation, recreation and a nice walk.

Visitors can participate in guided tours, but if you prefer exploring the city on your own, getting familiar with its atmosphere and getting lost in the narrow streets, we recommend the following places for you to visit: the park in Újszeged with its tranquility, a great route is the dam in Újszeged along the river Tisza, or along the Huszár Mátyás quay that leads you from the Flood Memorial to the Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum. While exploring the city center, do not miss the Town Hall in Széchenyi tér and the pedestrian zone, through Kárász utca to Dóm tér.

Visit the Musical Clock opposite the Votive Church in Dóm tér. Twice a day, at 12.15 and 17.45 it shows the walk of the graduating students at the end of the academic year. Then the eminences of the university council and the graduating students walk around in front of the clock. At every hour the clock plays the tunes of the song ‘Szeged hírös város’ (Szeged is a famous city) as a signal.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to view Szeged from a bird’s perspective, you can visit the „Old Lady” of Szeged, the Water Tower in Szent István tér on the first Saturday of each month from 10.00 to 16.00.