Szeged Jazz Days

November is a really nice month for Hungarian jazz lovers, as this is the month when the Szeged Jazz Days take place every year. On 8 and 9 November the IH Event Center is full of people and we can hear the evergreen tunes.

Over the course of nearly 50 years, it has grown into a truly prestigious event, and without any exaggeration it has become one of the most significant events of the genre in Hungary. The country’s first jazz festival dates back to 1971, and over the years it has earned recognition through a series of selected performers. Many world-famous jazz artists have already performed in Szeged, and we can listen to outstanding musicians this year as well, such as Charles Tollivert, Buster Williams or Lenny White.  The festival will be opened on Friday evening 8 November by the two excellences of Polish jazz: Bernard Maseliand Krzysztof Scieranski. But in addition to the international scene, Hungarian excellence will not be missed, we can also hear the phenomenal music of Félix Lajkó and the band of Imre Kőszegi.  On Saturday,representing the young forces of the southern land, Zemljani from Novi Sad will perform. Its members have Italian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Hungarian roots, so their music is remarkably original. We can also listen to Mihály Dresch, who greatly combines ethno jazz with the elements of village folk music.  The event ends with the concert of Charles Tolliver All Starsband on Saturday.