Tisza Corner Hotel

Szeged is the city of traditions, culture, festivals and universities. This city lies on the two sides of the bank of “blonde” Tisza River, where the heart of Alföld beats. The city had been renewed with the help of Europe after the 1879 big flood under four years.

Tisza Corner Hotel is situated along the M5 motorway coming from Budapest, from a distance of 3 kilometers from the city center.

Recently renovated Tisza Corner Hotel offers a comfortable, favorable accommodation for guests in transit as well. Tisza Corner Hotel is one of the cheapest accommodation in the city. The Szeged Plaza, Cinemy City and a fishing pond in the other direction are also within easy reach.


6727 Szeged, Budapesti út 2.
Tel./Fax: +36-62/541-820
Fax: +36-62/541-821
Number of rooms/beds: 39/91