Wine Square

18-22 September, 2019.

Although Szeged doesn’t possess large vine-growing areas and wine cellars mellowing their treasures for long centuries, its inhabitants like and know wine. To understand why it is so, we may find the answer in the past. Perhaps the reason is that with the traditional wine trading, the delicious wines from Szerémség got to the cooler northern places as far as Krakow through Szeged. Or it may be that a hundred years ago the producers in Szeged still struggled with their vineyards, which required really hard work on their sandy soil. In addition to the wine festival in spring, a couple of years ago another event, also worthy of Szeged, with a different style and venue, the Wine Square was launched. In the middle of September, when the metal framing constituting the auditorium of the Open Air Festival is already back in the store, lines of wooden houses, tables and benches appear on the pavement of Dóm Square, with stages and stoves around and between them. This wine celebration is smaller with a more familiar atmosphere, with as many as 60 wine-makers offering tastings of the fruit of their work. On the early autumn evening suddenly turning cool, the calm, relaxed guests can enjoy a nice dish with a glass of wine from the previous year, as the new one is either still on the vine or it is just being formed in the cellars. Relaxation after a long day of work, meditation over the magic of wine, clinking glasses with friends you haven’t seen for a long time: that’s what the youngest wine festival of Szeged can offer at a symbolic venue, in the shade of the spires of the Votive Church.