Kass Gallery

The collection located in the centre of Szeged, funded in 1985, presents the works by graphic artist, sculptor, stamp designer, Kossuth Prize winner, twice Munkácsy Prize winner, and also an honorary citizen of Szeged, János Kass (1927-2010). His book illustrations are of major importance in the exceptionally rich oeuvre of the artist: he created amazing graphics for more than three hundred books. Present-day middle-aged individuals grew up reading children’s and youth books illustrated by him. His first stamps were released at the beginning of the 1970’s. The first computer-animated film in the world was made using his series of sculptures entitled “Heads”. In addition to presenting the artist’s productive career, the gallery also accommodates temporary exhibitions, mostly but not exclusively of fine arts.



Tel: +36-62/420-303

6720 Szeged, Vár u. 7.