What is Landventure?

The newest urban detective game that you can play alone, in a couple, with a companion, with a dog, anytime. The missions take you to the best parts of the city. All you need is you and a mobile phone!

How does it work?

The game takes place in ODAKINN (yes, outdoors, be it in a town, village, forest or field). To complete the missions you have to walk, explore and think.

Adventure game online

All you need for the experience is yourself and your mobile phone (one is enough). The different tasks will appear on your mobile phone.

  • Choose a Landventure mission!
  • Take the chosen mission online
  • After payment you will receive the code to start the mission
  • With the code, go to the starting point of the mission within 1 year
  • (Each mission starts at a different point!)
  • Once there, open the web address you received by email and enter the code
  • Get involved in the mission!

Good to know!

  • The game can be used and paused at any time within 1 year after purchase, the game is not time-limited, no appointment booking required!
  • All you need to play is your mobile phone and mobile internet (approx. 5MB)!

Szeged missions:

Szeged exploration game with sensational missions. Play Landventure missions to explore the city. Learn the story of the billionaire old man or save the world!

The legacy

Billionaire Harvey Walker has passed away. In his old age, Harvey was looking for the perfect place to settle down and live in peace. With Bruno, his faithful German shepherd, he found it in downtown Szeged, until one day he died without an heir. But who would inherit his vast fortune? The man who succeeds in the tests devised by Mr Walker, of course.

Price: 12990 Ft

The Virus

Humanity has been infected by an unknown disease. Infected people start to lose their brains, their cognitive functions start to decline until they slowly become completely stupid. It can take years, most people don’t even notice, the WHO and national governments remain silent and avoid mass panic. I am sure you have noticed that the average intelligence level of mankind is declining. The reason is infection.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for the disease.

Do you feel that you are not dumb yet? Prove that you are not yet infected and help us stop the virus that threatens all of humanity!


This mission was made in 2019 and has nothing to do with the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus.

Price: 12990 Ft

As a gift:

Landventure is the perfect programme for all occasions:

  • Excellent for team building sessions
  • Helps you celebrate your birthday
  • Great for hen and stag parties
  • And it’s good for lots of things you’ve never thought of!

Tel: +36-30-585-4152