Bödön – Farmers’ Market

The lucky ones know what it feels like when after following secret paths, accompanied

by your loyal dog Buddy, you get to the garden and eat the unripe peas, raspberries by the

handful, fill your pocket with the green cherry, apricots, and plums, while a cock is chasing you.

Then, of course, you realise that the unripe fruit is actually better, and the cock won’t hurt you, it is just trying to defend its territory.

And you realise many other things too.

For example, when you buy the beautiful, enormous, perfect shape tomatoes in the hypermarket and arriving home after the disappointing first bite you realise how much youmiss that little garden with the unripe plums. But somehow you resign yourself to the fact that as you moved to the city, there aren’t any plums, the tomato tastes water and the cheese feels like rubber. It seems you have no choice but to accept it.

But you do have a choice!

If your granny is far away, get a substitute who can show you the tastes of the country. At the BÖDÖN Farmers and Craft Market you will probably find not only grannies but also surprisingly young girls and boys, farmers or people who returned to nature, offering their products made with special care: sausages, cheese, delicious jam, biscuits, soaps or handmade clothes.

Come and try it. Taste the products of the sellers at the BÖDÖN market and after that let’s sit down and talk about what you have seen and experienced. Did you like the jam? Do you fancy coming again?


Kossuth L. sgt. 72/D
+36-30/446 6239
E-mail: bodonpiac.rongy@gmail.com
Web: http://bodonpiac.hu