EZERJÓFŰ Herb Garden – Algyő

In Algyő, at 42 Kastélykert Street, the EZERJÓFŰ Herb and Medicinal Herb Garden awaits its visitors, a gradually expanding collection of plants that thematically groups medicinal plants according to their habitat. It presents separately the medicinal plants that can be collected in the wild and the medicinal and aromatic plants that can be grown in our country, including medicinal plants from flower gardens, fruit plants and special and rare plants that are not native to our continent, from other climates and other continents. The garden is rich in plants and offers a unique aesthetic experience in all seasons, which can be freely filmed and photographed. The herb garden is supported by a practice garden where you can learn about cultivation and processing practices.
Medicine in a tree, medicine in a tree – so the saying goes, and not without reason. Find out more about medicinal plants, taste our special tea blends carefully prepared from freshly processed plants, and find out about our products for sale! Take advantage of our wide range of services, which offer an interactive and fun introduction to the universe of medicinal plants!

EZERJÓFŰ Health Protection Circle Public Benefit Association
HQ: 6750 Algyő, Kócsag utca 13.
Herb Garden: 6750 Algyő, Kastélykert utca 42.
Mobile: +36706320529