Fish Soup a la Szeged

1 kg carp
0.5 kg catfish
250 g sturgeon
250 g pike
300 g (Makó) onion
25 g (Szeged) ground paprika
100 g green/sweet paprika
50 g sweet tomatoes
2 or 3 hot paprikas
salt to taste

Clean the fish, rinse them thoroughly, put the milt and roe aside. Place the head and tail of the carp, catfish and sturgeon, along with the chopped pike and sliced onion in a pot with cold water and start cooking it at moderate heat to make the fish stock. In the meantime, cut the trunk of the carp, sturgeon and catfish into 2 cm slices. Salt it, sprinkle it with the ground paprika and put it aside. Salt the fish stock and cook it for about an hour at low heat. Then, add the ground paprika and cook it until the meat separates from the bones.

Next, strain the stock and pour it on the fish chops, milt and roe put aside earlier, then add some extra salt if necessary and go on cooking it slowly. After about 15 minutes add the chopped green paprikas, tomatoes and sliced hot paprikas.

Cook it slowly for 10 minutes more until ready.

Prepared in kettle:
The original fish soup was made in a kettle on open fire. When preparing it in a kettle, chop the fish in a similar fashion, but first layer the heads, tails and smaller chops at the bottom of the kettle. Then place the chopped onion on the top of it, sprinkle it with ground paprika, and pour water on it. Season it with salt and hot Szeged cherry-pepper to taste and cook it slowly until ready.