Forest House and Forest School in Erdőspuszta


A warm welcome to our over a hundred year old farmhouse in the sandbucka countryside of the Southern Great Plain. We are surrounded by the landscape we call home. Öttömös is on the route of the National Blue Route and is on the route of the Hungarian MARIA pilgrimage, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We have created all that we would like to present here for the refreshment of body and soul.

Make yourself at home with us!


About us

Our forest school and guesthouse is located near Balotaszállás and Öttömös, on a 20-hectare estate, at the junction of forest and meadow.

You can walk on the steppes in a dragon boat, sit in a romantic arbour, find a nature trail with a slide and a forest playground, bake in an oven and watch the sunrise from our 19-metre-high ecological lookout.

Visitors can learn about old Hungarian herbs in our garden, play sports and games such as badminton, badminton, métis, ping-pong, bicycle. In the summer there is also a hamster maze and a bunny petting zoo.

Nearby thermal spas Mórahalom St. Elisabeth Spa and Kiskunmajsa Jonathermál (25 km – 25 km).

Distance from Szeged 40 km / 27 km from Szabadka / 180 km from Budapest / 25 km from Kiskunhalsa / 25 km from Mórahalom / 70 km from Kalsza.


Accommodation facilities: 1 room with 3 beds, 1 room with 8 beds, 1 room with 15 beds in the attic /On request extra beds for up to 30 persons/ Tent pitch for 10 persons

Tea kitchen , delivered lunch

Common areas

Dining room (2 small rustic spaces)

Showers for each sex

1 hectare of traditional farmyard, oven, fireplace,

Paddling pool

Sports equipment and games


Architects of the fauna – interactive trail walk on the Forest Walker Trail – Two lookout hikes (St Elisabeth Lookout and St Boldogasszony Lookout, 4 km) – Taste of the forest : Pine needle syrup, nettle pesto, black strawberry jelly and others – Old Hungarian herb garden and plant weaving, plant textile dyeing – Land art – Ornament making and DIY projects – Fallow deer and night forest – Straw bale yurt model, Hungarian archery – Creative recycling – Bird watching and bird protection, wasp garage, lizard castle

Gratis: Hungarian bows and bicycle rental

Team building – Teamday

An ideal location for team building programmes, the estate has a complex terrain (forest, meadow, water channel, lookout) and 20 hectares of land. We are happy to host corporate events, community events from spring to autumn, either with a programme guide or just as a venue.

Explore! – Attractions in the area

The Sandhut – a place of wonders… J.R.R. Tolkien knew this when he wrote the buckland region of his world-famous novel Lord of the Rings, i.e. Middle-earth, inspired by the Hungarian Sandhut. The surface of the region between the Danube and the Tisza is largely determined by the fine-grained sand of the Ancient Danube, and it is on this natural basis that the natural, human and cultural heritage whose values animate the landscape has flourished. A hidden landscape… Let’s discover it together!


Bay Collection, Thorma Museum Kiskunhalas, Hungary’s largest collection in Nagybánya (distance from the guesthouse 25 km) *** Lace House and Lace Wall – Kiskunhalas (25 km) *** Pálosszentkút Shrine (50 km) *** Bácsalmás Blue Painting Workshop (40 km) *** Szabadka Art Nouveau downtown (27 km) *** Gergely Pongrátz ’56 Museum, Kiskunmajsa (28 km) *** Vadkerti lake and Szentkorona confectionery, Soltvadkert (40 km) *** Csólyospálos geological showplace (30 km) *** Öttömösi 2 lookout: St. Elisabeth of Árpád House and the Lookout of the Blessed Virgin (2km) *** Öttömös Asparagus Festival and Cockfrying Festival Pusztamérges (2 km and 7 km) *** Rém village Ólomhegy (52 km)


Öttömös Poultry walk “Natura 2000” area (distance from the forest school 7 km) *** Csodarét in Ásotthalmi (20 km) *** Highest point of Csongrád county, Öttömös, Bukor hill (10 km) *** Values of Körös-éri Landscape Protection Area Kelebia, Ásotthalom (variegated saffron, swamp swordflower, (15-25 km) *** Szeged White Lake Bird Sanctuary (42 km) *** *** Mórahalom Buffalo Reserve (30 km) *** Szeged Botanical Garden (44 km) *** Szeged Silver Sheepfold, Wooden Ouzalums (44 km) *** Toadstool Nature Trail, Csólyospálos (35 km) *** Balota sand hummocks (5 -10 km) *** Durable carnation nature trail, Kiskunmajsa (39 km) *** Bugaci ancient borer (58 km) *** Gemenci tree shelter (70 km) *** Császártöltési Red swamp nature trail (55 km)


Tel.: +36-20/571-1215