Glattfelder Gyula square

Gyula Glattfelder was born in Budapest in 1874 in a rich, Swabian, industrialist family from Mór. He finished his secondary school studies at the Piarists in Budapest and at the Benedictines in Esztergom. He was 37 when he was appointed bishop of the Diocese of Csanád. The young bishop did exemplary work, but the First World War and the following events limited his activities significantly. In 1923 he arrived in Szeged, where several tasks awaited him, among others to turn Szeged into a flourishing cultural center. He died of a disease in 1943 in Budapest and according to his last will he was buried in the crypt of Dóm under the main altar. In 2001 a square was named in his honor. In the square, after tearing down the old fountain, a completely new one was built with changing water effects. In the middle of the fountain pool stands the statue of the sculptor Andras Lapis, the “Muse of Szeged”.