GONG Pálinkaház

GONG Pálinkaház started its operation in Deszk, Csongrád County, in the autumn of 2017. Surrounded by family trees, it has become a real playground of flavours-smells-fruits in the noblest sense of the word. The tastefully designed spectacular distillery offers visitors the chance to watch the brewing process and, of course, to enjoy professional tastings.

They value professional opinions and have taken part in a number of competitions. Their results in the competitions are proof that their careful processing of the fruit and their determination to produce quality pays off.

When sourcing the raw materials, they make it a priority to source the fruit from the surrounding region, thus strengthening local producers and ensuring the local character of the products offered by the distillery. They make their brandiesirresistible by using selected fruit and a barrel distillation process.

In addition to the usual flavours, they also offer real specialities, as their mission and passion is to present the culture of brandy to a wide audience.

The company currently produces and distributes these products:

– Hungarikum fruit and grape marc brandies

– There are 4 varieties of gins (mediterane, men blue, lady pink, 21) with different spicing.

– Liqueurs

– Vodka


6772 Deszk, László Tanya 1.

Tel.: +36-70/248-0308

E-mail: hello@gongpalinka.hu