Móra Ferenc Museum

The most impressive product of the building fever of the millennium in Szeged is the Palace for Public Culture built in neo-classicist style in 1896. The portico supported by Corinthian columns under a pediment and the light-coloured walls reflect the building’s dignity. It was originally intended to house Somogyi Library and the city museum. As director between 1917 and 1934, Ferenc Móra increased the number of exhibitions. Being a writer and a journalist as well, the director took part in ethnographic fieldwork and he made his mark as an archaeologist by doing excavations in the larger surroundings of Szeged. Today, the museum offers ethnography, natural history and fine art exhibitions related to Szeged and its surroundings along with large-scale temporary exhibitions.


Opening hours:

Mon-Sun: 10.00-18.00


6720 Szeged, Roosevelt tér 1-3.
Tel: +36-62/549-040
E-mail: info@mfm.u-szeged.hu