Nordic Walking

I’m Mária Kocsis, I’ve been teaching Nordic Walking since 2009, organizing tours, giving information and lectures. Thanks to my physical education teacher’s degree and a coincidence – which, of course, there is none –, I was one of the first in Szeged to get the opportunity to complete the instructor training. At first I found “walking with poles” very strange, even funny, but the theoretical training and the scientific background soon convinced me of its positive health effects.

And the execution of the movement surprised me! During Nordic Walking I felt muscle soreness in muscles that I had long forgotten about.

My enthusiasm grew and has continued ever since – because the exercise confirms every time that this movement can be done and is effective foralmost any health problem, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, weight (for more information, see here: http: // )

The point is to get out, come and Nordic walk with us! Everyone in my team, from the young to the old, will have a smile on their face after a session. Of course, it’s best if you bring your smile with you.

Up with adventure, up with smiles!

If you would like to go on an adventure with us, hike the happiness trails around Szeged, take a course,

Based on my personal experience, I can see that all those who have learned the correct technique with the help of a professional – can use Nordic Walking safely (sparing their joints and spinal column), but effectively.

During our Nordic walks together, you can get to know Szeged and its surroundings from a new perspective, and explore places and trails you might not have noticed before.

I’m committed to spending my free time in a healthy and active way, and my cheerful nature helps me to do it in a fun way.

So feel free to come along, because as well as being useful, it’s also GOOD!