The observatory located in Újszeged was built by the Szeged Observatory Foundation more than twenty years ago. In the observatory recently renewed a 40 cm Newtonian telescope (adjustable cupola, electrical control, SBIG ST-7 CCD camera) serves the purpose of scientific research, while amateur astronomers can study the secrets of the sky by using smaller, lens telescopes. It is open to public every Friday evening. Until dark astronomy and space research lessons illustrated by computer pictures and animations await visitors. On clear-sky days the observatory offers telescope shows and laser stick star sign presentations.

Every Friday 7 pm-10 pm
For groups, we are open if registrated in advance for the rest of the week.

Until 2 March, the observatory is closed, but groups can still visit the observatory during this period by prior registration.

Registration is needed with at least two weeks in advance.

Adult: 1000 HUF
Child/student/pensioner: 500 HUF
University employee/student: free
Group: 500 HUF/person



6726 Szeged, Kertész utca
Tel.:+36 30/839-0922
E-mail: szegedicsillagvizsgalo@gmail.com