Play houses

Játékdzsungel Játszóház

Our renovated Playhouse offers new services for children.

Among other things, we have a giant slide, a mini football pitch and a new playground.

You can book your birthday party now.

Space hire for small group sessions, even in the evenings.

6725 Szeged, Textilgyári út 3. (in the courtyard of Power Tuning)
Tel.: +36 70/413-6635


Vigadó Játszóház Eko Park Szeged

In the suburbs of Szeged, in a pleasant, tree-lined environment, we offer a real play paradise.

Children’s lives are tired of the attention-demanding, tied-up kindergarten-school system, after which it feels good to have some fun, play and have fun.

In the Vigadó Playhouse in Újszeged, children (1-10 years old) have plenty of space to run around, slide and hide.

Parents who can cope with the obstacle course, which is not exactly easy, can slide with their children on the giant slide, and the Vigadó Playhouse in Szeged will become a favourite place for them too.

Exercising parents may sometimes wish for a free hour or two to keep their children safe. We offer a chance to chat, spend time in peace and quiet, while your child gets rid of excess energy.

6726 Szeged, Fürj u. 92/b
Tel.: +36-30/567-8268


Szegedi Kölyökpark Játszóház

An amusement park that

– on the one hand, a play area and entertainment for children up to the age of 10

– on the other hand, it provides a framework and innovative equipment for healthy physical activity for children, improves their coordination of movement, develops their sense of balance and their development

6720 Szeged, Londoni krt. 67674, Londoni Street, London Square 3. (Árkád Shopping Centre)
Tel.: +36-62/996-888, +36-30/494-7268


Kölyököröm játszóház

A great place for the whole family to relax. Babysitting, children’s events, birthday parties!

6724 Szeged, Gáz u. 1/B.
Tel./Fax: +36-62/463-154


Tappancs Kölyök Klub

6725 Szeged, Zápor út 4/b (Auchan shopping centre)
Tel.: +36-62/815-785