Traditional Rural House Museum in Alsóváros

The God’s Eye motive of the main altar in the Alsóvárosi Church (Lower City Church), the radial lines, became recognizable ornaments of the houses in lower town. The triangle gable of the „sunshine houses” represent the Holy Trinity for religious families. Sándor Bálint (1904-1980), born in Alsóváros (Lower City), was a university professor, excellent researcher of the ethnography and cultural history of Szeged. He studied the religious customs and believes of the people living in Szeged and its surroundings. The renovated „sunshine house” gives place for the exhibition on the life of the Southern Great Plain and the consumer goods of the period between the two World Wars. Besides the permanent exhibition the events presenting folk customs in relation with different holidays offer unique programs for visitors.


Opening hours:

Tuesday – Wednesday: 10.00-16.00
Thursday-Saturday: 10.00-18.00
Sunday, Monday: closed

The Rural House  is is open  from 11.00-18.00. 20 June (Thursday).


6725 Szeged, Nyíl utca 43.
Phone: +36-20/501-2822


Adult: 600 HUF
Student, Pensioner: 500 HUF
Groups over 10 persons: 400 HUF/person, free for accompanying person