The Urbango combines escape room and treasure hunt. All this in the open air, without any strings attached. It’s exciting because you brainstorm together and there’s no time limit. All the while, you see the city like never before. You may have passed by a place a thousand times, but now you’ll find out more about it than you ever dreamed possible!

Szeged currently has two tracks:

Blue: currently under reconstruction. Details coming soon!

YELLOW: It shows the most charming streets of downtown Szeged through 15 stations. Its short 3 km route makes the time fly by: it takes 2 hours.

Ticket price: 3-7 players 25.000 HUF/team

Contact and more information:
Urbango Office Szeged 6724 Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 65.
Tel.: +36-70/675-1126