Nyárfás Guesthouse

Apartment house 6 km from Szeged, next to the Szeged Olympic Centre, 10 min. from the city centre of Szeged.

Indóház Square

Indóház square is one of the gates of Szeged, as most of the visitors who come to the city by ...

Nice (France)

Agreement signed in 1969.

Hotel Piano***

Hotel Piano is a 20 rooms small Hotel in the centre of Szeged, evoking the atmosphere of Italy, ...

Classic Café & Restaurant

Situated in Széchenyi tér, in the centre of Szeged, the restaurant has been serving the masterpieces of Serbian cuisine since 1998, using high-quality ingredients.

Mátyás Panzió

Szegeden az Alsóvárosi Ferences Templom közelében, műemléki környezetben, csendes, nyugodt helyen található a megújult Mátyás Panzió.

Pálinka Festival

The city is still ruled by frost and those heading for the main square walk among heaps of snow when the small wooden houses of Pálinka Festival start to offer, sausages, puddings and other delicious foods as well as the soul-warming fruit pálinkas.

Partfürdő Riverside Campground and Beach

Szeged’s popular riverside beach can be found in Újszeged, 10-minute walk from the city center.

Christina Guesthouse

Szeged, Hajnal u. 5.   +36- 70/625-3160 menesi.imre@gmail.com Prices:   ...

Vanilla Bistro Szeged

  The Vanilla Bistro in the centre of Szeged awaits you with delicious food, special ...