Day of Szeged Celebrations

On Széchenyi Square, nearly 160 winemakers will offer their finest juices, and 30 caterers will join them.

On Széchenyi Square, among others, star performers ensure a good atmosphere.

Music will be played by Belmondo Acoustics, Pál Feke, Bálint Gájer, Róbert Gergely, Heinz Gábor Biga and Ádám Nagy, Andrea Malek and András Jáger, Dénes Pál, Péter Sárik Trio and Tamás Berki, Tamás F. Sipos, Adrien Szekeres, Viktor Varga, and Gyula Vikidál.

Appetizing food and small-brewery beers await visitors at Klauzál tér Handicrafts and Gastroudvar, and local artisans will also present themselves from May 16.

For 11 days on Dugonics Square, artisans and backyard producers play the main role.

The Dóm Square Cavalcade 24-26 May joins the 11-day program series with live concerts between among others, Dzsúdló, Wellhello and Magna Cum Laude perform concerts here.

On the second weekend, the downtown festival becomes complete, when the 23rd Szeged Bridge Fair joins, a special parade of domestic craftsmen, where the Belvárosi híd, Híd utca and Oskola utca are also populated.