Go this way – Experience Tours atop a Segway PT

We offer you an experience in what you will not be involved elsewhere. Using Segway PT self-propelling technical miracle our created image of transport will get a new meaning, sight-seeing and hiking will come to an unforgettable, thrilling and extraordinary experience. Let’s go full tear on dam in Szeged, or enjoy the modern technology and the historical old town’s atmosphere encounter!

Our tours mean active recreation for the users of Segway PT, so we really mean it: ‘Go This Way’
A Segway PT is a special vehicle which advances the user can manoeuvre in full with their body’s soft and easy movements. Segway can sense hundreds of times per second that user’s centre of gravity place on the right or left side and it chooses heading and rapidity accordingly.
Whether sight-seeing, hiking, trip or any meeting with special friends or business program, it will be a memorable and fun event by Segway PT.
The Segway PT gives you the most special gliding experience of all means of transport, and it is the easiest to learn how to use! All customers are required to take a 20 minute on board training session to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Maximum 8 people can go on a tour at a time.

Booking and information:
Phone: +36 20 828 0935
E-mail: nedoljhatra@gmail.com
Web: nedoljhatra6