House of Mysteries Szeged

We opened our doors in Esztergom in 2013 and since then 10 other cities have joined us, so we are now available in 11 cities nationwide.

One of our principles was to get the most out of a cinema ticket (or a dinner). We started with open-air detective games, taking the concept of the “city quiz” to a new level and developing the crime thriller city tour. It became City of Mysteries, the country’s first serious urban crime experience. Our players visit many of Szeged’s historical monuments, so there is a place for culture and education alongside the experience.

Later, another member of the family was born, the Mystery Dinner. With the themes of Logical Board Games and Role Playing Games, including several optional stories, we offer unusual programme options, whether for family, friends or company gatherings.

But that’s not enough…! Within half a year, based on feedback and requests, we have created the Detective Room! It’s a new generation of live logic games: combining the logic puzzles of our popular escape rooms with the bloody detective experience of our crime games, we can offer a complex game full of twists and turns. It’s a double thrill: unlock all the locks and solve the twisted crime.

In spring 2020, we developed a (fourth) group of programmes the likes of which we had never heard of before; the Home Crime Experience, which crosses city boundaries. This is a quarantine-friendly detective game where the first clue and props are sent out by post. You can investigate alone or in multiple teams at the same time (also in different cities/countries) using your smartphone, Instagram, Facebook, emails and of course your props.

With the launch of our MisteryCity app, our City of Mysteries game has gone digital, so you can solve puzzles on your mobile phone while walking the streets of the city.

The Interactive Theatre is the first programme created by Dorka Mészáros, a criminologist and not the founder of the House of Mysteries. From her written play stories we have created another Mystery Dinner category, where you have to interrogate suspects (amateur actors) over dinner.

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