As for Mórahalom…

A guest in the house is a pleasure in the house – so the saying goes. We, the people of Mórahalom, are hospitable people.

We have something to be proud of, something to welcome guests.

If you ask a local what he would like to show a guest, he would say the Szent Erzsébet Gyógyfürdő, the Rózsa rétes, the buffaloes in Nagyszéksós, the Ezer Év Parkja and the Lovasközpont

Allow us, dear Guest, to introduce you to what is so important to us and of which we are proud!

What is health…Dip into health

The Szent Erzsébet Gyógyfürdő located in the centre of the town, is a jewel of the town.

It has everything you could possibly need: slides, saunas, 17 pools in winter and 21 in summer.

Our thermal waters (Árpád, Erzsébet, Szent László and Mátyás) are recommended for the treatment of gynaecological diseases, arthritic and inflammatory arthritis, spinal diseases and muscular rheumatism.


If you want to pamper yourself after swimming or sauna, our colleagues at the Móra-Vitál Spa Reception offer you a wide range of wellness and fitness services.

Which is walking…northwards

Take a moment to relax under the shady trees of the central park.

Here, the city commemorates our historic milestones with statues and monuments lining the Millennium Walk as you make your way along the Zákányszéki Road.

On Zákányszéki út you will find the Mórahalmi Rétesház, where after tasting the hair-thin layers of strudel from Mórahalmi Rózsa , it is safe to say that strudel is the queen of pastries!

What recreation…Sport

On the way back from the Rétesház, you can turn past the school building towards the St. John’s area on Táncsics Mihály Street.

Going along Móradomb boulevard, you will find a number of sports facilities for sports lovers: the beach football field and the sports pool.

…and don’t forget the tennis and ground tennis courts on Rákóczi Square, about 500 m from the city centre, or the skate and streetball courts on Röszkei Street!

Ezer Év Parkja – Mórahalom

Located on Móradomb körút, this open-air exhibition space on a two-hectare area presents the architectural symbols and historical monuments of historic Hungary in the form of 1:25 scale models.

Churches, castles, palaces, mansions and monuments await you with relics of the old times at close quarters.

… and when you’ve refreshed your body, replenished your soul, and your hands are not empty, you can choose from a selection of locally made products, honeys, jams and wines.

What is equestrian…Futó-Dobó Lovasközpont

In the St John’s area, the Futó-Dobó Lovasközpont is easily recognisable by its distinctive building.

Here you can go horse-drawn carriage riding, cross-country riding and, for the children’s pleasure, pony riding. They offer pony hacking, livery and therapeutic riding guided by a specialist therapist.

Patkó Lovas Színház

The Patkó Lovas Színház presents performances at the Futó-Dobó Lovasközpont. The open-air theatre is an indoor venue in a unique setting that also hosts large concerts, prose and other spectacular performances in the summer.

Which walk…… south

If you head south from the town centre, you can walk past the Art Nouveau building of the Tóth Menyhért Municipal Library (named after the town’s native) and the still-operating Rye Mill, built by the Gerle family, to the old Gerle family estate.

A special feature of this place, located at the southern gate of the town, is that the servant’s quarters of this mansion once housed the birthplace of painter Menyhért Tóth, and today it is the site of the Kolo, the Serbian Cultural Centre

Kolo is a theatre of national, ethnic and international culture, where encounters are the building blocks of communities.

Mórahalom, as the “gateway to the Balkans” from both sides of the border, welcomes diverse cultural, social and religious communities to Kolo and presents, alongside universal European culture, the thousand faces of the Balkans.

What’s fun…Bivaly Bowling

Heading back towards the centre, you will come to the typical restored buildings of the turn-of-the-century bourgeois row of houses on the left side of Röszkei Street. One of these houses is home to the “Bivaly Bowling”

… because besides exciting food and drinks, bowling, billiards or air hockey is a pleasant way to relax…

What culture.. Aranyszöm Rendezvényház is the heart of the city

Back in the centre, you will find the Aranyszöm Rendezvényház, where they preserve and document our history, cultivate our culture with their programmes and entertain visitors with their events.

And why Aranyszöm (“Goldeneye”) ? Ferenc Móra is the eponym. In one of his short stories, he wrote: “Sandland, … where the golden sand shelters the poppies, the cornflowers and the pipits.” (…)

The industrious people who live here have indeed turned the sand into gold.

What we need to protect…… our natural treasures

Our nature reserves around the city are home to rare natural treasures, with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. They are part of the Körös-éri Landscape Protection Area under the management of the Kiskunság National Park Directorate.

Protected nature reserves: Madarász-tó, a Nagyszéksós-tó, a Csipak-semlyék, és a Tanaszi-semlyék

Nagyszéksós Bivalyrezervátum

The Bölömbika nature trail around the Nagyszéksós Lake is signposted and you can walk along it to learn about the protected flora and fauna of the area.

From the lookouts you can see the lake and the buffaloes grazing, grazing or just chilling.

The amusingly protruding ears of the ruminant calves, which are native to the Nagyszéksós lake and also use the cuckoo, make visitors smile.

What faith is…Our religion

The faith in God of the people who settled in the Sandhills has always been strong. Soon after they moved from Szeged-Alsóváros, they built a chapel and then a church.

Many roadside crosses and belfries still bear witness to their religious faith.

The church of St. László Király in Mórahalm is open all day long, welcoming those who wish to be quiet and contemplative.

What is important…We help!

Come to us, dear guest, if you are looking for accommodation, if you need information, help, if you are not satisfied with written information and maps, but would like to get verbal information about the sights, programmes, our town, about us, the people of Mórahalmi, the people of Sandhát.

As for information…Contact us:

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