Szarmata Archaeological Park


The park is surrounded by a palisade wall with wickerwork and a three-storey wooden tower at the entrance, from which you can see the whole area of the institution.

Visitors are welcomed by a visitor centre, which includes an auditorium and an exhibition hall. The exhibition includes a display of tables showing how the nomadic-semi-nomadic Sarmatians from the Lower Volga and Southern Urals arrived in central Europe, settled in the Carpathian Basin in the first century BC and then populated the lowlands.

Visitors will also learn how the Sarmatian tribes in Eastern Europe were the heyday of the Germanic tribes, which began in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC and then spread to the lowlands in the 4th century BC. In the park, the reconstruction of four 4-5th century units – dwellings and associated farm buildings – has been carried out using contemporary technology and materials, based on archaeological excavations and ethnographic analogies.

The buildings, partially or completely submerged in the ground, give visitors an insight into the life of the Sarmatians: what crops they grew, what animals they kept, how they processed food and what their crafts were like.

The park is also linked to an almost 400-metre-long nature trail, which takes visitors through the dry marshland to learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

All visitors and groups are welcome by PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT!
You must register at least three days before the visit!


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