Tisza Gyöngye Apartments

Our apartments are very friendly and likable for our guests because of the location and uniqueness. The apartment house is located next to the city central bridge and overlooks Partfürdő and Tisza River. From the balcony you can see the Dóm temple, the Móra Ferenc Muzeum and the city center so it has an idyllic feeling. Only for a few minutes walking is the Liget park which is perfect for walking with a dog or doing some sports. We are a pet friendly place so you are welcome even with your puppy.

The apartment house was made in 2019 with all comfort for the guests in one of the most iconic buildings in Szeged, in Tisza Gyöngye. We have 12 private entrance apartments with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, nice and big balcony, AC for summer time and floor heating for winter time. We welcome every guest with a little pack in the apartment and give them fresh bed sheet, towels. We offer breakfast to our guests which is served to the apartment and you can get information about what is included thru phone or personally at the arrival.

In our apartment house we use a contactless code system so our guests get a code on the arrival date. So there is no key, you don’t have to set the time when they arrive, they can come even late at night. The guests can park in front of the building, it’s free and there is a security camera.

The Napfényfürdő Aquapolis is only 3 minutes walking from the apartments and we can give to our guests a 10% discount voucher (not valid for a family ticket). Every year the Szeged Youth Days festival and Deja Vu festival are here next to the apartments. This means you can see the big stage from the balcony. The Szeged Outdoor Theater is the most famous cultural event all summer in Szeged, Dóm square, which is only 10 minutes walking from the apartments. In the building there is also Szálka restaurant so our guests don’t have to walk a lot for a very good Hungarian fish soup.


6726 Szeged, Közép kikötő sor 5
Tel.: +36-20/397-7733
Number of rooms/beds: 12/55