Travelling by bike

The bicycle is increasingly becoming a popular means of transport in Szeged. The city lies on completely flat terrain, with no significant gradients making cyclists’ job difficult. Altogether 63 km of cycle routes have been built in the area of the city, and almost three hundred bike racks have recently been installed, mainly near frequented public buildings, offices and schools. During the latest B+R (Bike and Ride) development, the aim of which was to provide a better infrastructure for cyclists, bike storage facilities were constructed at eight termini across the public transport system. The covered and secure areas for storage can be found near the termini: at the children’s hospital in Újszeged, in Szabakai út, in Vértói út, in Makkosháza, at the tram terminus in Tarján, in Lugas utca, at Etelka sor and in Indóház tér. For security reasons they are lit at night, and are free of charge. In the suburbs surrounding the embankment, where the public transport system is less dense, B+R bike storage units make it possible for the town’s inhabitants to park their bicycle safely and make use of public transport.