Szent Gellért International Music Festival

St. Gellért Festival is organized for the 10th time this year by the Diocese of Szeged–Csanád. The festival is connected to the feast day of martyr St. Gellért, the first bishop of the diocese. This year’s jubilee concert series lasts from 24th September to 1st October 2017, and the audience is hoped to enjoy some really peculiar pieces of classical music experiencing the colourful music life of the city of Szeged.

Salvador Dalí Exhibition in the REÖK

REÖK presents the exhibition from the graphics, lithographs and etchings by Salvador Dalí, and also some small sculptures of the versatile artist.

Szeged slippers exhibition in Móra Ferenc Museum

Móra Ferenc Museum houses the exhibition of the legendary Szeged slippers. The exhibition reveals why the slippers were pairless, (no left and right ones), how they were worn and what traditions are related to them. A slipper-maker’s workshop is also displayed and visitors can try on the footwear and the traditional customs. Pairless – is the title ...

REÖK to celebrate 10th anniversary

Mucha and Dalí exhibitions also await visitors in the 10 year old REÖK. In 2017 REÖK also hosts the exhibitions of the world famous masters of Art Nouveau and Surrealism and offers special discounts to mark its 10th anniversary. Besides the works of Mucha and Dalí, REÖK will host other exciting art events as well. The prices of the admission tickets ...