“Lords of Millions of Years – Lifelike dinosaurs from America” - exhibition

Visitors can see the local „contemporaries” of the dinosaurs at the exhibition. There are several finds in the rich nature history collection of Móra Ferenc Museum that are from the age of dinosaurs.

Programs in July

The City of Sunshine awaits visitors with various exciting programs in the summer.


Less than a week and we’re off C’mon let’s Dragon Again! You don’t have to wait long for the most colourful programme of the summer. Less than a week before the 11th IDBF Club Crew World Championship begins, where 5 continents, 30 countries and 140 teams are struggling to get the first place on the podium of the greatest competition in the ...

Art Nouveau attractions in Szeged

The present image of Szeged is defined by the constructions after the Great Flood in 1879, which occurred in the spirit of Art Nouveau, and as a result Szeged has become a city of palaces. The upper middle-class luxury mansions reveal their interior magnificence, wrought iron staircases, original tiles and colorful glass windows. Here are some of the ...