V. Szeged Wedding Exhibition

Even though we might think that the show could only be of interest to couples, it is a true family program, just considering the site. They offer a rich selection of indispensable supplies of the eternal, never-ending mystery of connecting the two lives: from flower decors to pie cakes and glittering rings, jewellery to the hire limousine.

Ice Skating in Szeged

When the temperature drops, that means it is time to go ice-skating. This year Szeged has three places where you can strap on the skates and enjoy this winter sport. The synthetic ice rink in Szeged Plaza await children under 14. Present a same-day receipt of a minimum of 1000 HUF and skate for free. Skating on the ice rink in the parking area of ...

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Wellness experience in Szeged

Relax in Szeged. Real wellness experience in the baths and hotels of Szeged.