Guerilla Gourmet – Culinary Rock’n Roll

  Culinay festival at the Szechenyi Square, on the 14th, 15th and 16th of April Gourmet feeling for everybody – meals from top quality ingredients, extravagant flavours, street food orgy and interactive guerilla open-view kitchen with the number one chefs of Szeged and Hungary.   More information and programme : https://www.facebo...

Shop with discount, relax and save money!

10-100% discount to the zoo, circus, museum, theatre, adventure park, restaurants, hotels, railways, boat trips and many more. Hundreds of discounts in Hungary by Hungary Card 2017.

All that is gold

Permanent exhibition of the Móra Ferenc Museum.

Wellness experience in Szeged

Relax in Szeged also in the winter period. Real wellness experience in the baths and hotels of Szeged.