Musical clock

The tunes of this unique piece of art by watchmaker Ferenc Csúry could be first heard at the Open Air Festival in 1936. The music clock on the upper level of the building, opposite the main entrance of the Votive Church is a symbol of medieval universities. Twice a day, at 12.15 and 17.45 it shows the school-leaving ceremony of the graduating students at the end of the academic year. Then the eminences of the university council and the graduating students walk around in front of the clock. The basswood figures were carved by József Kulai, whose models were famous Hungarian people, such as Kúnó Klébersberg, András Dugonics, Kelemen Mikes, Sándor Petőfi and István Vedres. The scene is accompanied by the melody of the well-known Hungarian student song “Ballag már a vén diák…” (The old student is saying farewell…). Besides, at every hour the clock plays the song “Szeged hírös város” (Szeged is a famous city) as a signal.

Out of order during the Open Air Festival.


6720 Szeged, Dóm tér