PaprikaMolnar founded the Paprika Museum in 2008. We are passionate collectors of all things related to paprika in our homecountry.

We created the Paprika Museum to celebrate and show the enormous effort that went into the making of this locally grown and produced spice. Paprika production was essential for social and economic growth in the life of 20th-century Szeged. Thousands of families made a living from growing the plant and turning the hot red fruits into the fine mild spice that we know as Szegedi paprika. This was arduous work, but it brought farmers, millers and merchants together and promised well-earned living for all.

Today paprika production is on a lot smaller scale than before, however, paprika stories and memories, family photos and objects are still staying with us. We decided to tell from these fragmentary pieces and memories the story of Szegedi paprika.


Röszke, II. körzet 50/B

The Paprika Museum is not a public institution. It’s a private collection and we can’t provide permanent staff to the Museum. For the same reason, our opening times are restricted, though we’d like to be open and accessible to all visitors.

Guided tours start at 11.00 and 13.00 from Monday to Friday. Preliminary booking or notice is advised!

For English language guide, for alternative visiting hours or for further information, contact us at:

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 7.00-15.30

Adult: 1.000 Ft
Student, teacher, pensioner: 500 Ft

Museum Shop

In our Museum Shop we are selling PaprikaMolnar’s own freshly milled paprika powders and other paprika products like paprika seedoil, flakes, spice mixtures sweet and hot and paprika pálinka. For gift ideas and products see our Paprika Webshop HERE.


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