Dorozsma Rural House

The sights of Szeged include the Dorozsmai Country House and the Farmer’s House. Szeged-Kiskundorozsma is a place where you can see the folk and the “bourgeois” material, intellectual culture of the settlement in its original environment with a wide gate opening. All this on a plot, in the center of Szeged-Kiskundorozsma, next to the ancient Dorozsma hill.

A private, low-profile, three-windowed, whitewashed masterpiece of folk architecture, a private home. It consists of a kitchen-pantry, a living room and a clean room, locally collected, furnished with the furniture, utensils and objects of the time, as if our grandparents were living in it. With humility and respect, they can receive or use any piece of equipment during their visit. The exhibits, the interior of the apartment, not only arouse nostalgia for the Visitors, but also give a picture of the once authentic village folk life. Grand’s House can be used to view the local history halls, where “bourgeois” objects are exhibited. The halls open up to each other, guiding the visitors through. The country house and the farmhouse showcase the material memories and interiors of the period from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s.

If you are looking for a museum experience and would like to see a building with local history material typical of Szeged-Kiskundorozsma please visit the Dorozsma Country House.

The ceremonial inauguration of the country house took place on June 23, 2017, organized by the Csongrád County Honorary Association.

Opening hours: prior arrangement required

6791 Szeged-Kiskundorozsma, Negyvennyolcas utca 1.
Phone: + 36-70/555-3636
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