The Gastronomy of Szeged

Szeged…what dishes come to our mind when reading the name of the city? It is hard to say if visitors first think of the worthily famous fish soup, the Szeged paprika or the Pick Salami, but it is certain that they have already heard of all of them. When visiting the city, be sure to try fish soup served in several authentic fish soup restaurants or traditional restaurants. In case you prefer having lunch or dinner in a more modern and youthful place, fortunately there are several options to go out. Walking in the city center there are plenty of great places one next to the other to enjoy good dishes. If you would opt for cake or coffee, one of the busy pastry shops of the city center is a top pick. Besides pastry shops with decades of history, you can also choose new, modern and cozy places, where you can taste artisan and also sugar free, dairy free and gluten free sweets. Those who like other than black coffee only, they can sit down in several coffee shops where they can enjoy special variations, roasts and flavors.

From children to adults, from young to older people, everybody will find the place closest to the heart in Szeged, just feel free to make your choice!