Gastronomic Festivals 5 results
  • Wine Festival

    During the ten days of the Wine Festival several tens of thousands taste the best wines of Hungary, enjoying a lively atmosphere with their friends or family. Clink glasses at the Szeged Wine Festival in mid-May. Enjoy your drink.
  • Pálinka Festival

    The city is still ruled by frost and those heading for the main square walk among heaps of snow when the small wooden houses of Pálinka Festival start to offer, sausages, puddings and other delicious foods as well as the soul-warming fruit pálinkas.
  • Wine Square

    In the middle of September, when the metal framing constituting the auditorium of the Open Air Festival is already back in the store, lines of wooden houses, tables and benches appear on the pavement of Dóm Square, with stages and stoves around and between them.
  • International Tisza Fish Festival

    It is enough to take a sniff on the bank of the River Tisza at the first weekend of September and everybody knows it is the time of the International Tisza Fish Festival. On the remains of the one-time water bastion there is a giant 5,000 litre cauldron, in which the most precious food in Szeged, the fish soup, is cooked, with the use of many different fish and a multi-stage procedure.
  • Hungarikum Festival

    Since 2008 for four days every August Széchenyi Square has been occupied by hungarikums (things that are distinctly Hungarian) and as many as six thousands visitors of the Hungarikum Festival offer Hungarian products of high quality.