Excursions in the surroundings of Szeged 14 results
  • Szabadka and Palics

    Szabadka is the second most densely populated town in Vajdaság having a population of 150,000 people together with the settlements around it.
  • Szeged-Tápé

    The settlement dating back to the Árpád Age was first recorded with the name Tapai in a document from 1138. It was a ferry crossing the Tisza that made Tápé known in the history of Hungary.
  • Sándorfalva

    The town, located 12 km northwest to Szeged, was founded on the area donated to the victims of the Great Flood of 1879 from Algyő by marquis Sándor Pallavicini.
  • Forest House and Forest School in Erdőspuszta

    Welcome! A warm welcome to our over a hundred year old farmhouse in the sandbucka countrys...
  • GONG Pálinkaház

    GONG Pálinkaház started its operation in Deszk, Csongrád County, in the autumn of 2017. Surrounded by family trees, it has become a real playground of flavours-smells-fruits in the noblest sense of the word. The tastefully designed spectacular distillery offers visitors the chance to watch the brewing process and, of course, to enjoy professional tastings.
  • Algyő

    Algyő is a settlement in Csongrád-Csanád county, only 10km from Szeged, on the right bank of ...
  • Röszke

    Röszke is located 15 kms southwest of Szeged, between the backwater of Tisza at Algyő and the Serbian border.
  • Fehér-tó

    Covering an area of 14 m2 it is the largest alkali lake in Hungary. In the first third of the 20th century it was turned into a system of fish ponds.
  • Makó

    The first development of the town took place in the second half of the 13th century when a member of the Csanad family was the landlord of the territory where Makó lies today.
  • Mórahalom

    As for Mórahalom... A guest in the house is a pleasure in the house - so the saying goes. We, ...
  • Szeged – Kiskundorozsma

    The settlement, developed from fishermen's cottages, was first recorded in 1237 under the name Durusma.
  • Ópusztaszer

    According to Hungarian historic tradition Ópusztaszer was the venue for the first parliament and lawmaking session.