Excursions in the surroundings of Szeged 9 results
  • Röszke

    Röszke is located 15 kms southwest of Szeged, between the backwater of Tisza at Algyő and the Serbian border.
  • Ópusztaszer

    According to Hungarian historic tradition Ópusztaszer was the venue for the first parliament and lawmaking session.
  • Fehér-tó

    Covering an area of 14 m2 it is the largest alkali lake in Hungary. In the first third of the 20th century it was turned into a system of fish ponds.
  • Szeged – Kiskundorozsma

    The settlement, developed from fishermen's cottages, was first recorded in 1237 under the name Durusma.
  • Bird Garden, Zákányszék

    During the last 20 years we have managed to establish one of the biggest private bird collections, representing more than 80 different species, several parrot varieties and pets.
  • Szeged-Tápé

    The settlement dating back to the Árpád Age was first recorded with the name Tapai in a document from 1138. It was a ferry crossing the Tisza that made Tápé known in the history of Hungary.
  • Sándorfalva

    The town, located 12 km northwest to Szeged, was founded on the area donated to the victims of the Great Flood of 1879 from Algyő by marquis Sándor Pallavicini.
  • Szabadka and Palics

    Szabadka is the second most densely populated town in Vajdaság having a population of 150,000 people together with the settlements around it.
  • Makó

    The first development of the town took place in the second half of the 13th century when a member of the Csanad family was the landlord of the territory where Makó lies today.