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  • Béke Tanszék

    It is a popular, legendary meeting point for students and teachers working in the neighbouring university buildings, a place where some of the fundamental questions of philosophy have already been answered with a glass of drink.
  • Blues Kert Pub and Restaurant

    The restaurant with an outdoor barbecue area is situated in Újszeged, under the plane-trees of Fő fasor.
  • Lucky Pizzéria

    If you are not yet familiar with Lucky pizzas, we would like to briefly show you how they are ...
  • Gringo’s Cantina

    Gringo's Cantina heartily welcomes those who long for some piquancy.
  • Móres Bárkonyha

    Móres Bárkonyha. Bar and kitchen. There are no excuses here, just relaxation! Leave reality, ...
  • John Bull Pub

    The restaurant evoking the atmosphere of the traditional Victorian age was opened in 1996 in the heart of the city. Besides following European traditions, it aims to keep up Hungarian traditions as well.
  • Cirmi Artisan Gastropub

    In 2015, a new-wave gastropub with unique equipment was opened. It is characterized by freshly ...
  • Szálka

    Our kitchen Szeged's newest Halázscsárda is located in the iconic Tisza Gyöngye building, the ...
  • Jobb Mint Otthon Restaurant

    It is a favoured, high standard fish restaurant in Szeged, offering traditional Hungarian dishes.
  • Zöldlevelecske Saled bar

    Nearly 20 types of salad from all over the world. You can also compile your own favorite! ...
  • Szeged Restaurant Wine Bar and Pub

    The elegant restaurant was fully restored recently and is located in the main square of Szeged known as Széchenyi tér.
  • Sanzon Restaurant

    The Sanzon Restaurant, located in the Art Hotel Szeged building, awaits its guests who desire ...