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  • Alabárdos Restaurant

    Surrounded by historic buildings, locating in the city center it is one of Szeged's longest-running restaurants, which was completely renovated in the summer of 2020 and is a representative of international cuisine.
  • Pipi

    Chicken restaurant.
  • Jobb Mint Otthon Restaurant

    It is a favoured, high standard fish restaurant in Szeged, offering traditional Hungarian dishes.
  • Szent István Restaurant and Wine Bar

    Its owner, master chef Mihály Tóth, opened the restaurant of his own design to provide a special, lasting experience for the inhabitants and guests of the city with its atmosphere and service.
  • Őrangyal Gastrohouse

    The only vegetarian restaurant in Szeged!
  • Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

    The restaurant introduced exotic sub-continental flavours with a special choice of food and drink in Hungary.
  • John Bull Pub

    The restaurant evoking the atmosphere of the traditional Victorian age was opened in 1996 in the heart of the city. Besides following European traditions, it aims to keep up Hungarian traditions as well.
  • Pizza E Pasta

    Restaurant and pizzeria with the true Italian athmosphere right in the heart of Szeged!
  • Classic Café & Restaurant

    Situated in Széchenyi tér, in the centre of Szeged, the restaurant has been serving the masterpieces of Serbian cuisine since 1998, using high-quality ingredients.
  • Béke Tanszék

    It is a popular, legendary meeting point for students and teachers working in the neighbouring university buildings, a place where some of the fundamental questions of philosophy have already been answered with a glass of drink.
  • Gőry Cellar and Terrace

    The Mediterranean style restaurant with a terrace and a garden is a proud holder of the titles "Where dressing comes with a blessing" and "The most flowery restaurant of Szeged".
  • Famous- American & Street Food

    Taste America! Do you want a real gastronomic experience, or are you in a hurry and would ...