Pontoon Boat

Get out on the water with your family, friends, luxury living on your own floating terrace!

Pontoon Boat boats at the leading point in Hungary, the exclusive distributor of Bell Home Spa Kft.Ponton on the Tisza … Would you like to cruise with your friends and family? Just one phone and you can book our comfortable Pontoon Passion Line boat for up to 8 people!

If a special event is coming, or you just want to take your free time out of the usual way, don’t hesitate to call us! the price of the technical background)
rental fee: for 1 hour 43.998 Ft / ship
rental fee: for 2 hours 81.496 Ft / ship


More information: 

Bell Home Spa. Kft. 6723 Szeged, Jobb fasor 46.

6721 Szeged, Felső Tisza-Part 8.

Tel.: +36-20/971-7519