Szeged is the City of Festivals

It is also worth thinking ahead this year if you are planning a trip to Szeged, because the city’s accommodations are full during festivals and major events. In addition to our nationally known festivals, such as the Szeged Open-Air Festival or the Szeged Youth Days (SZIN), the city will also host large-scale international sports events in 2024.

Let’s see what Highlights of the city has to offer in 2024!

Winter Farewell

Date: 17-18 February, 2024

Location: Szent István tér

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European Rowing Championship

Date: 25-28 April, 2024

Location: Szeged National Kayak-Canoe and Rowing Olympic Center (Maty-ér)

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The most prestigious adult world competition in the history of Hungarian rowing will take place in Szeged. About 1,200 participants from 38-40 countries are expected to come to one of the highest stakes rowing competitions before the Paris Olympics.

ICF Kayak-Canoe Olympic Alternate Qualification Competition and ICC Sprint ​​and Para Kayak-Canoe World Cup

Date: 8-12 May, 2024

Location: Szeged National Kayak-Canoe and Rowing Olympic Center (Maty-ér)

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In the European continental qualification races, the field competes for Olympic quotas, and then on the weekend, the world’s best compete against each other in the classic World Cup programs.


Day of Szeged Events and 28th Szeged Wine Festival

Date: 17-26 May, 2024

Location: Széchenyi tér, Dóm tér, Klauzál tér, Kárász utca, Dugonics tér, Belvárosi híd, Híd utca

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The opening event of the festival summer, which is connected to the fact that Szeged finally won the title of “Free Royal City” on May 21, 1719, and then received its coat of arms, which is still in use today, and became a prestigious settlement of the nation. Our city celebrates this significant date as “Day of Szeged” every year. Over the years, the event has grown into a multi-day cultural and gastronomic festival, the most important holiday of our city. A cavalcade of programs await tourists visiting Szeged and city residents.

Deja Vu Festival

Date: 6-8 June, 2024

Location: Partfürdő Riverside Campground and Beach

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The DEJA VU FESTIVAL, celebrating its 10th birthday this year, is Hungary’s largest 3-day retro festival. Step back into the time machine and have a big party to the best hits of the 90s and 2000s!


Szeged Open-Air Festival

Date: 28 June – 20 August, 2024

Location: Dóm tér, Újszeged Open-Air Stage

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The Szeged Open-Air Festival is the biggest and most significant open-air theater festival in our country. The first performance was held in front of the Votive Church on 13 June, 1931, after which open-air productions are the main cultural event of Szeged every summer. Every year, nearly seventy thousand people are amazed by the series of theatrical events with a magical atmosphere. During the performances, theater lovers fill the city, conjuring a real, bustling festival atmosphere in the evenings of Szeged with a Mediterranean atmosphere. The wonderful location, the 12,000-square-meter Dóm Square, is often compared to St. Mark’s Square in Venice.


SZINkópé Festival (Puppet)

Date: 19-21 July, 2024

Location: Erzsébet Park

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The Erzsébet Park in Újszeged welcomes young and old with a giant puppet parade, puppet shows, interactive games, concerts, as well as programs of civil organizations and partner institutions.


34.THEALTER International Theater Festival

Date: 26 July 26- 3 August, 2024

Location: Old Synagogue, Chamber Theatre, other locations

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THEALTER is a summer international theater festival started in 1991, which is the oldest international theater festival in the region and, until recent years, the only annual international theater festival. Year after year, independent, i.e. innovative artistic communities appear, who have achieved outstanding results of aesthetic and theater history importance in the cultivation of the complex theatrical language. The location near the triple border offers a geographical and cultural meeting point for exciting, innovative alternative companies and creators from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Musical, fine arts, outdoor, children’s and professional accompanying programs enrich the program of the meeting.



Szeged Youth Days (SZIN)

Date: 28-31 August, 2024

Location: Partfürdő Riverside Campground and Beach

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Szeged Youth Days, or SZIN, is the most traditional domestic festival, the biggest multicultural end-of-summer party, and the only festival that takes place both on a natural waterfront and in a beach environment interspersed with pools. SZIN is the most ideal place for festival-goers to say goodbye to the summer in a good mood. Apart from the best domestic bands and DJs, foreign stars take care of all this.

XXV. FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship

Date: 8-14 September, 2024

Location: Szeged Airport

The city won the right to organize a special sports event, which, in addition to its historical importance in sports, also offers a unique experience for those interested in the spectacle.


Wine Square

Date: 18-22 September, 2024.

Location: Dóm tér

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Bor Square is one of the most atmospheric gastronomic events in Szeged and the region. This event is also a venue for professional, friendly and family meetings, where we can discuss the events of this summer over a glass of wine.

St. Gellert International Music Festival

Date: 23 September -1 October, 2024

Location: Votive Church (Dóm)

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The festival promises uplifting artistic, cultural and special musical experiences. The series of events enriches the city’s classical music life and gives young talents a chance to present themselves.



Szeged Jazz Days

Date: 8-9 November, 2024.

Location: IH Event Center

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The Szeged Jazz Days, which have been operating for almost five decades, are one of the most prestigious events of the genre in Hungary, which have been made known beyond our borders by the demanding selection of artists and the original, high-quality concerts. In addition to the musicians from Szeged and representatives of the Hungarian elite, world-famous musicians will perform at the concert series with a long history.


Szeged Christmas Weeks

Date: 29 November-24 December, 2024

Location: Dóm tér, Dugonics tér, Klauzál tér

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The city’s most atmospheric and perhaps the most anticipated event, the Szeged Christmas Weeks, is a great opportunity to spend the time preparing for Christmas together and take part in unforgettable programs. The festive frenzy awaits its dear guests until Christmas Eve.