The Pantry of Szeged – the Market in Mars Square

This market has been receiving visitors for several decades, offering them the opportunity to not only purchase quality food but also to get acquainted with the habits and everyday life of the inhabitants of Szeged. You have to go to any market in the morning – as the saying warns us – and this is true for Szeged, as well. Its gates are open for vendors from 4 o’clock in the morning when they can enter the impressive market hall built in 2011, walk into the two transversal halls called Anna and Irén and the open space with stands. There you can find colours, fragrances, piles of vegetables and fruit, the first strawberries, watermelons, tulips, chrysanthemum, roses, the first potatoes. This is what the market in Mars square looks like and besides this it has special features: the woman selling mushrooms being always quick and polite saying thank you to each customer, the ceremony of eating “lángos” (fried dough) and fish fried on the spot, the unique shop-window of the greengrocer selling fruit from southern countries, several bakeries, the house of lottery for taking one’s chance. The Bridge of Arts, the special exhibitions on the crossing over the big hall, the market for farmers with their own produce, the variety of flowers and wreaths, and the woven baskets. Come and get to know Szeged and its inhabitants in the market and buy a string of paprika as a souvenir.



6722 Szeged, Mars tér
Tel.: +36 62 472 204