Upper Elementary Girls’ School (Tömörkény)

It is a late Art Nouveau, 2-storey building in whose facade, formed as an arched ridge, the stylish and moderate application of brick-facing and striped ornaments deserves our attention. The overall effect of the decoration represents the Hungarian style. Among the Art Nouveau buildings, it represents average standards, therefore, its inclusion in the thematic programme is only recommended as a reference building.

It has not changed since its construction, but the nature of the educational institution it houses has. It was first a girls’ school and then a girls’ secondary school until 1916. From 1916-18 it was a military hospital. The building suffered several damages. From 1918-20 it was a military prison. From 1922, the building was put to a new use, and the girls’ grammar school took the name of St Elisabeth of the House of Árpád. In 1952, the building became the István Tömörkény High School and Secondary Art School. In 2008, the building was completely renovated and a new wing was added.

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Address: 1. Tömörkény Street, Szeged