Upper Elementary Girls’ School (Tömörkény)

It is a late Art Nouveau, 2-storey building in whose facade, formed as an arched ridge, the stylish and moderate application of brick-facing and striped ornaments deserves our attention. The overall effect of the decoration represents the Hungarian style. Among the Art Nouveau buildings, it represents average standards, therefore, its inclusion in the thematic programme is only recommended as a reference building.

From 1911, it was a state upper elementary girls’ school. After terminating the upper elementary schools in Hungary, it became a public primary school. It took up Gutenberg’s name in 1990. Between 1999 and 2007, the Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational Secondary School of Health Services operated in the building. For the time being, it is the administrative seat of the KÉSZ Ltd. The Szeged Adult Grammar and Vocational  Secondary School is located in it, too.

Address: 25 Gutenberg Street, Szeged